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pregnancy yoga


When? Tuesdays from 6.45 til 8pm

Where? Little Missenden Village Hall, HP7 0RF

Cost? 6-week block £66


Tue 18 April 2023 - 23 May 2023

Tue 6 June - 11 July 2023

I would love to welcome you to my Pregnancy Yoga classes in Little Missenden. This weekly 75 minute class is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and you don't need to have ever set foot on a yoga mat to come along! Through the class we'll flow through gentle yoga poses to balance and strengthen your body and you'll become familiar with breathing techniques that will help you during pregnancy, labour and birth. Each week we finish with a gorgeous relaxation.


The movements we practise will help you build strength and stability in your body with extra focus on supporting the pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy, birth and beyond. As a hypnobirthing teacher I’m passionate about supporting you to have a positive birth so all my yoga classes have hypnobirthing and birth preparation woven throughout. The sessions will help you to feel strong, calm and confident however you're preparing to meet your baby.


You’ll find classes are relaxed and welcoming – a nurturing space where you can take time out for yourself each week to tune into your body and your baby and meet other pregnant people in the area. I can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and you don’t need to have practised yoga or have any equipment to come along - I provide mats and everything else you'll need.



When? Wednesdays from 12 til 1pm

Where? Cedar Barn, Hazlemere, HP15 7BQ

Cost? 5-week course £60



Wednesday 19 April - 17 May 2023

Wednesday 7 June - 5 July 2023


Come and join me for this lovely 5-week course that not only supports your postnatal recovery but introduces your baby to yoga, too! The classes offer a nurturing space for you to restore your energy, connect with other mums and begin to recover from pregnancy and birth. I have designed the course to be a gentle reintroduction to movement following your baby’s birth, honouring and respecting the changes your body has been through and the changes you are going through as a new mum.


For you: Benefits for you include releasing achy muscles, helping you feel at ease in your body, restoring energy and gently working on your core and pelvic floor. My mantra for these classes is ‘slow and steady’ and you don’t need to have done yoga before to enjoy them. Suitable from 10 weeks following a caesarean or assisted birth or 6 weeks following a straightforward birth. 


For baby: Practising yoga together is a great way for you to bond and connect with your baby. Yoga has some amazing benefits for babies, supporting their communication and language skills, their spatial awareness, balance and movement. Suitable up til actively crawling.

As we know, we can’t always predict what our babies will do so this is a very relaxed class - if your baby needs to feed or be cuddled that's fine! You might not always get a full yoga class in but that's okay. Trust that you’ll get what you need from each session. My hope is that you’ll find a safe, welcoming and supportive group where you can nurture your body and mind and connect with other local mums.

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