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Classes I offer

Pregnancy Yoga

from £10

Mondays in Downley

These sessions flow through gentle postures to balance your body & we'll practise breathing techniques to use during labour & birth. Each week we'll finish with a gorgeous relaxation to soothe your mind & body. Hypnobirthing is woven through the classes to help you feel extra prepared for birth.

This is a 1:1, 8-hour antenatal and hypnobirthing course all rolled into one - everything you need to know to feel fully prepared to welcome your baby into the world and to thrive postnatally.

Mum & Baby Yoga

from £10

Wednesdays in Hazlemere

A gentle reintroduction to movement following your baby’s birth, honouring and respecting the changes your body has been through and the changes you are going through as a new mum. Plus yoga for your baby too!

A 1:1, 4-hour version of the full course. It's perfect if you're already doing antenatal classes such as NCT or NHS but would also like to learn how to use hypnobirthing to feel fully prepared for birth.

Tuesdays in Marlow &

Wednesdays in Hazlemere

If you love the sound of a baby class that's calm, relaxing and nurturing for you as well as your baby then I'd love to welcome you onto my baby massage course in Hazlemere.

This 1.5 hour session will leave you feeling fully clued up about breastfeeding and with the knowledge and resources you need to get off to a positive start. 

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