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mum and baby yoga hazlemere

Mum & Baby Yoga classes in Hazlemere

A baby class for YOU!

As mums we’re the ultimate caregivers but it’s rare that we manage to take time to care for ourselves. In my Mum & Baby Yoga classes you are the main focus! Come for a gentle reintroduction to movement following your baby’s birth where we honour & respect the changes your body has been through & the changes you’re going through as a new mum. This nurturing class not only supports your postnatal recovery but introduces your baby to yoga, too! My mantra for these classes is ‘slow & steady’ and you don’t need to have done yoga before to enjoy them.​

"The highlight of my week. Steph provides such a safe space for us to come together, gently move our incredible bodies, share giggles & of course, a cup of tea!." Elle, Winchmore Hill

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Book a class

Single session £12 or £10 when you book six*


Wednesdays 11.30am - 12.30pm


Runs every Wednesday in term time with some dates available over the summer holidays. 

Suitable from 6 weeks following a straightforward birth and 10 weeks following a caesarean or assisted birth.

*your six classes can be any dates you choose

Why come to Mum & Baby Yoga?

There are lots of baby-focused classes out there but what about your wellbeing? My Mum & Baby Yoga classes offer warm and friendly support through the early months of motherhood. There's a strong focus on yoga for you - gentle postnatal exercise to help you reconnect with your body post-birth and ease out all those aches and pains that go hand-in-hand with rocking, feeding and carrying your baby.

We involve the babies during your yoga practice so they're engaged and having fun but it's firstly about supporting your body through movement, breathing and gentle poses to strengthen your pelvic floor and core. We finish with gentle poses for your baby to enhance their physical development, language skills and coordination. And of course there's the oh-so-important time to chat with other mums over a hot drink and biscuits!

"Steph's mummy and baby yoga classes are wonderful. They provide a chance to stop, relax and have some one to one quality time with your baby which can be so hard in the crazy busy world we now live in. Steph provides a welcoming environment and you leave the class feeling like you have had a warm fuzzy hug. A definite must for your maternity leave." Ruth, Amersham

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Mum & Baby Yoga FAQs

When can I join Mum & Baby Yoga?

Mum & Baby Yoga is suitable from six weeks after a straightforward vaginal birth and 10 weeks following a caesarean or instrumental birth. The most important thing is to see how you feel - if you're not quite ready you could always try a Baby Massage course first!

Do I have to sign up to a block of classes?

No, you can book as many as you like! If you book six classes you get a discount (£10/session rather than £12) but these don't have to be on consecutive weeks. Classes run every Wednesday in term time (with some dates available during the summer holidays).

How long can we continue to come to classes?

Most mums find that once their baby is crawling, focusing on yoga becomes a bit more challenging! However, you're welcome to come for as long as you feel happy to do so.

What do I need to bring/wear?

I provide a yoga mat, cushion and blanket for you so please bring anything else you need for you and your baby, including a towel or blanket for them to lie on on the mat. Wear something comfortable that you can move freely in. 

Is there car parking available?
Yes, Cedar Barn has a free car park.

Did you know...I also run Baby Massage in Hazlemere & Marlow?

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